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blast from the past: so there's this stall in the ladies room @ ms milf-f that would get stuck on a regular basis. my guess is it warped or something. anyhow, so stella's going potty in that wonky stall + she hears someone walk in. next thing you know someone's jiggling the knob on her stall door. stella's freaking out, but refrains from saying anything and just ducks hoping the intruder would just go away--- all the while still camped out on the throne. the jiggling turned to jerking then silence... there's a loud "BANG!!" + next thing you know the stall door is flying, whacks stella in the head, she squeals (like a mouse) + apologies ensue. someone had kicked in the pesky warped door thinking it was just stuck again, not thinking anyone was actually occupying it. stella gets back to the office we both shared + she asks me "mercedes, has anything weird ever happen to you in the bathroom?" i'm just like "uhhh I don't know where this conversation is going, but i'm a little freaked out right now." she then tells me she's light headed + begins to recall the assault she just endured. .I drank copious amounts of coffee that day, as I do nearly everyday, + nearly peed my pants laughing my ass off while making sure stella was ok + didn't pass out from her nasty concussion. luckily, all she had was a lump + a light headed spell. :)