2009 Kawasaki Ninja EX250

UPDATE: 2010-05-10

holy hot mess!  this bitch is like brand spankin' new!  basically, it's never been  ridden outside of this guy's cul-de-sac b/c dood never got his endorsement.  he's only asking $3900 for it!  it's got like 150 miles on it + the tires have full tread on 'em + no scratches in sight!  it is a f-ing screaming deal considering no tax b/c i'm buying it off the owner instead of a dealer + the fact that it needs 0 maintenance prior to me riding it b/c it's never been ridden.  i am picking it up tomorrow!  omfg yay! 


i'm totally freaking out right now!  i'm all over it!  got an appointment to check it out tomorrow 730pm!  eeeeeeeeeeeeek!  :)