i suck at coding! oh-so-very-much so!

my ruby looks like this:

when it ought to look more like this:

i hate being a noob. i'm so busy noobin' i don't know my a$shole from a hole in the ground! bleh! :(

i've got a gang of sprint-specific automation to write AND i've got my RoR project to work on AND i'm being randomized on a regular b/c:
1) i sit by the main entrance (aka the back entrance, which i don't know why, but engiNERDS love to use it as their primary point of entry),
2) i've got all these test frameworks my boss want me to "dabble into" and work into my code, which if i haven't already stated sucks beyond belief,
and 3) my attention span is about as short as a...uhhh...what was i saying? gah!

someday, hopefully in the near future, i'll be less noobin' so i can bring home the bacon so i can afford stuff like this:

in the meantime, remind me to buy a lotto ticket + ask for help w/ my hw...