I &hearts FISHING!

new minnow:

new spinner:

new rooster:

new spinner:

brad's fav spinner:

my new fav spinner:

hot pink rooster:

new crawfish spoon:

new rattler:

new ratter:
to replace the one we lost last night in the weeds...

brad renewed our fishing licenses this weekend. he picked up a new pole + reel + got me a new tangle-free reel (b/c he was tired of having to untangle my line! heh!) + a gang of new lures + bait! he's kind of weirded out that i ♥ it so much. it kind of caught me off guard. who knew fishing was so awesome? :)

ps: we catch + release!  unless it's salmon.  salmon is nummy!




grilled bbq beef wraps are healthy right? :)


food inc was a profoundly thought provoking, inspiring, life-changing movie.  if you haven't already seen it go out + rent it NOW!

i've managed to avoid all the nazi vegan propaganda w/ the really gross slaughter house pix + clips b/c i like meat + can't ever see myself not eating it, but food inc's slaughter house scenes were probably just as disturbing, yet i found the message completely reasonable.  in fact, we're completely on-board w/ the movement!  we're already trying to watch what we eat by reading labels + cutting out the high-fructose corn syrup + trans fats, which we already weeded out of the cupboards, but HOLY HOT MESS!  what i saw in that movie makes me want to throw out everything in the fridge/pantry + start from scratch! i can't believe how heavily synthesized food really is + found the living conditions of the animals to be disgusting + inhumane.  all animals, even the ones that are meant to be eaten, should be allowed to live good, clean, happy lives.  anyhow, watch it!  it's a good movie.