thank god for...

otherwise, i don't think i would have gotten off my butt to look around. my car has been billowing clouds of smoke for months now, but lately it's been really bad. i'm surprised i haven't been pulled over for emissions violations. heh!

spent the weekend shopping for a new car... omfg hell! hell! hell! i scored this totally awesome car @ a decent price (sticker was @ 23k + talked them down to $19), but i will never again regain those precious 72 hours spent wasting away in the hot hot sun being tested + tormented by those annoying car sales people. gah! the vw won me over b/c it was SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than everything we looked at + was of higher quality than many of the japanese + american cars available right now. not to mention the sales guy (sean) was totally awesome + wasn't annoying or pushy. i'm actually @ a place where i could afford a pretty nice ride, but BOTTOM LINE is i'd like a new motorcycle + more importantly a house someday + there's no fucking way in hell i'm paying up the ass for a bmw/volvo/audi right now. :)

ps: also purchased car insurance for the first time. paid in full! woooOOooOo! life is good...